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First week of school behind us. Where does the time go?

Updated: Nov 7, 2021

A woman walking her children to school
Walking to school with the kids

Melts into the hours and the to do's...the moving, the rush it all keeps going whether we notice or not.

Try to notice as much as you can.

Living in the present, mindfully is the best remedy for the hustle and the bustle and the stresses of every day life.

Make it a point to appreciate every little thing that you have in you life. The hours, the minutes...every day.

One of my favourite things in my day is walking my kids to school. I cannot explain the joy that comes from that time we have together.

It's small, it's daily but it's everything to me. That 12 min walk to the school, I am completely aware and submersed in that moment, in them.

It's my constant reminder to live that way in all moments and facets of my life.

💜 Present

💜 Happy

💜 Complete

All this I wish for you my loves 🙏 💕

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